Helpless Hounds Adoption Application

A successful adoption depends on both the selection of the right dog for your household and the understanding of the dog's caretaking needs. So that we may assist you with this selection, please answer the following questions as completely as possible. You must be 18 years old or older in order to submit an application.
We match the pet to the home to insure a good fit and lifetime commitment. We check veterinary records, speak with your personal references and talk to your landlord when applicable. When multiple applications are received, the best match for that pet is selected. We do not operate on a “first-apply-first-acquire” basis and we don’t do same-day adoptions. You may be contacted by one of our volunteers by e-mail to verify, clarify, or submit more information. A volunteer might also call you to ask additional questions about your application.

Adoption Policy

NOTE: You must complete and submit an application and be approved to adopt prior to being able to meet the dog.
Once you are approved, you may adopt any of our dogs that is a good fit for you.
We are a non-profit organization that spends our adoption fees and donations on vaccinations, surgeries, various medical tests, medicines, food and supplies needed by our dogs. Our fees do not cover the overall expenses incurred by the care of our dogs, but they do help defray the costs involved. We thank you for your support.

Please Note: We are a RESCUE, which is different from a shelter. We conduct veterinary and personal reference checks during the application approval process. We always try to select the right applicant for each dog, based on the dog’s needs and try to find the best match for both dog and human.
We leave a dog’s profile online until either it has been adopted, has received several applications, or is not able to be adopted for some reason.


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